Hal Fleming , Author

The Brides' Fair & Once Upon a Storm and other works


--When we went up to Diamond Point recently to plant the graden, I read "Once Upon a Storm" in the evening and was blown away!

A remarkable tour de force, with its surprises, quick plot shifts, tense encounters and deft character sketches, all mixed with flashes and insights lighting up the 1960s and American lives.

And what an ending-that keeps you wondering about it long after you close the book.

Mark Ward- Bethesda, Maryland June, 2011.

--"Once Upon a Storm" tells about the 1960s as a country is stirred up by the death of a much-loved President, a dynamic First Lady, and the unrest in the South for equality. A hurricane storms up the East Coast and stops a music festival on Cape Cod Massachusetts causing frightened revelers to decamp. Buddy Ames, a Folk singer of West Indian heirtage had just finished his set and headed back to his hotel to pack up and maybe have drinks in the bar and catch a babe looking for some fun. He mus have downed too many drinks and could hardly walk much less drive back to Boston, but a bedraggled white chick said she needed a lift and offered to drive.The chick was Felicity Reynolds who awoke naked on a beach with minor burns on her back. All she remembered was her name , Fil, and that she needed to get away from wherever she was. A kindly sheriff tried to calm her, but she slipped away and hooked up with the singer.

Hal Fleming pens a very believable and detailed story about two people who came together during a hurricane. Unware that Felicity came from the upper crust of Boston society, Buddy knew she did not need to be alone and needed him until her mind returned.

Linda, GoodReads, April 2011