Hal Fleming , Author

The Brides' Fair & Once Upon a Storm and other works

About Me


Hal Fleming has worked for the Peace Corps,the US  Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of State, UNICEF and the US Mission to the United Nations. He has lived ten years in West and North Africa, and has been on shorter missions to 20 other African countries plus others in the Asia and Pacific regions. This experience has given him a rich background for his short stories, poems and novels.Early on, he worked at Forbes Inc. in New York and also taught at the university level. He holds degrees from Brown and Columbia Universities and lives with his wife, Arlene, a leading expert on the protection of cultural property, in Northern Virginia.

The Brides' Fair, a novel of diplomatic intrigue and suspense, was first set down in draft over 20 years ago on my return from almost five years in Morocco. Given the pressures of work and family, I did not have time to go back to the book until recently when I updated certain elements, making the book more relevant to current concerns over terrorism and conflict in the Middle East and North Africa. The main characters in the book, however, remain as originally conceived.The novel is now available from a number of North American and European book sellers.

Short stories and poems about West Africa are also available at this site, as well as information about my new (10/10) novel ONCE UPON A STORM.